Q: Can you get an irrigation systems installed in your home?

A: Yes, irrigation systems are not only used for agricultural land.  Irrigation systems are becoming more popular for residential land such as homes and buildings.

Q: Do you need a large land to only have an irrigation systems installed?

A: No, an irrigation system can be designed for any size land.

Q: How often should you have your irrigation systems checked?

A:  An irrigation system should be checked at least once a year to make sure that it is still in good working conditions and that it doesn’t need to be repaired.

Q: Can you set the irrigation systems to certain times?

A: Yes an irrigation system can be set to come on certain time of the day and also be set to only be turned on every other day.  It also is set to a timer and is set to turn off after the required running time.

Q: How long should the irrigation system water your garden?

A: An irrigation system is usually set to be on for an hour which is the standard time. For larger land it may running time may differ.

Q: Is having an irrigation system more cost effective?

A: Yes it is more cost effective as it uses less water then when manually watered

Q: How do  the irrigation installers know where to place the sprinklers?

A: They will be strategically place to make sure that the correct areas receive the same amount of water.  A plan is drawn up by the irrigation system installers.

Q: How long does it take to install an irrigation systems?

A: This is all depended on size of the land and normally can take anywhere from a week or a bit more. But this is also depended on what system you are having installed